Sending Love to Coban, Guatemala

        Event background: 


In Silicon Valley, there’s no shortage of exciting new developments in technology; we are bombarded by news on the latest iPhone, the next Tesla, and the future of 5G. This materialistic lifestyle causes us to take our luxuries for granted, as we forget how truly fortunate we are.


Ever since I visited the developing world through GYP, my perspective completely changed. Electricity was often a luxury; clean water was scarce; air conditioning and heaters were non-existent. Though initially, I thought of these as necessities, as I lived in the complex next to AMI International School in Guatemala with unreliable hot water for showers, no air conditioning and limited wifi, I realized that we don’t really need these things to be happy. In fact, many of the people who attended our enrichment courses were happier than us, despite our vastly different lifestyles, since they were given hope for a bright future and truly grateful for what they had. This became obvious when we let the church kids play with a Lego Boost robot and program it themselves, as they passionately zipped through all of the challenges. Similarly, when we finally finished repainting their playground after spending 3 long days in the hot sun, the kids were so excited that they began playing right next to it despite our warnings not to touch the actual equipment. Seeing the children’s eyes sparkle with joy assured me that our hard work had paid off.


My experience in Guatemala has taught me not to take my background for granted. Armed with a good education and solid background, anyone has the ability to change the world.

Sean Yang 

                GYP Event Chair

Guatemala Visit

 Visiting GYP members
(From left to right) Sean Young, Ishan Saharoy, Elise Kwan and Emma Constable
Event outcome:  A fundraising concert sucessfully raised $9,500 for AMI International, Coban, Guatemala via sponsoring church, Radiance Christian Church in San Francisco. Receipt shown here.

                                      Due to Covid-19, GYP has moved its in-person fundraising concert to an online concert.  

  Event: Fundraising Concert "Sending Love to Guatemala"
  When: October 18, 2020 at 4:00PM PST


                      Top Row (L-R): Emma Constable, Sean Yang, Sabrina Ning, Iris Wang
                      2nd Row (L-R): Sissy Kou, Eugene Yoon, Grace Tan, Neil Van Ekema Hommes
                      3rd Row (L-R): Ishan Saharoy, Elizabeth Szeto, Elise Kwan, Amanda Xiao
                      4th Row (L-R): Alan Liu, Pravin Agrawl-Chung, Helen Feng, Cynthia Feng
                      5th Row: Roksalana Patton

                      Not pictured: Erika Wu, Andrew Wang, Dora Hu, Victoria Hu, Austin Min

   Profiles of Team Members.

Alan Liu, Event Performer
Alan Liu is a senior attending Basis Independent Silicon Valley. He has played the piano for 11 years, and this is his fourth year as a GYP member. His academic passions include studying math, computer science, and running a physics club. In his spare time, Alan enjoys playing basketball, playing chess, and hanging out with friends. Once again, Alan hopes to make a difference as part of GYP through music to help those in Guatemala.

Austin Min, Event Performer
Austin is a sophomore at American High School, a school all the way in Fremont. However, this long distance does not interfere with him coming to Kwan Music, as he believes nothing can stop a strong passion for music. In addition to playing the piano, which he has been doing for almost six years, Austin also enjoys playing sports, reading books, traveling around the world, and hanging out with his friends. Austin is in his school's water polo team, and he also participates in many different clubs. He also was the lead pianist for the Fremont Youth Symphony Orchestra. This is Austin's first year in GYP, and he is delighted to be a part of this amazing and talented group and he looks forward to helping others in need.

Cynthia Feng, Event Performer
Cynthia is a sophomore at Los Gatos High School and has been playing piano since she was five years old. When not practicing piano, she likes to read and play tennis. Music has been a big part of Cynthia’s life and she is excited to use it to benefit others.

Dora Hu, Event Performer
Dora Hu is currently a high school senior. She plays the violin as her primary instrument, but occasionally dabbles in piano. Other than that, she spends her spare time reading and doodling to unwind.

Elise Kwan, Event Performer
Elise is a senior at Wilcox High School and has been a GYP member for five years. She has participated in a variety of piano competitions over the years and had the opportunity to perform at Carnegie Hall. In addition to piano, she is a violinist in the Golden State Youth Orchestra Senior Symphony. Beyond her musical pursuits, Elise has also been involved in student government since her sophomore year and is currently an ASB executive officer. She also enjoys running cross country, video-editing, and watching anime. The Guatemala trip positively influenced Elise's perception of the world around her and she is very grateful for these learning opportunities and experiences that GYP has provided these past years. As this is her final GYP performance, she hopes that you enjoy both the concert and the goodness of giving back to the community.

Elizabeth Szeto, Event Performer
Elizabeth is currently a senior at The Harker School in San Jose, and she has been playing piano since she was five years old. In her free time, she enjoys listening to music, reading, and learning how to cook. This is her fourth year in GYP, and she is excited to have the opportunity to help the orphanage in Guatemala.

Emma Constable, Event Performer
Emma is a junior at Lynbrook High School. She has been playing piano for eleven years, and is grateful for the opportunities that GYP gives her to help others. Besides music, her passions include writing, ballet, and studying psychology. This year, she had the opportunity to travel to AMI International School in Guatemala and experience first-hand the disparities in education compared to the privileges that come with living in Silicon Valley. Through GYP’s first-ever virtual concert, Emma hopes to make a positive impact on the educational opportunities for young students at AMI.

Eugene Yoon, Event Performer
Eugene Yoon is a senior at Monta Vista High School. In addition to playing the piano for over eight years, he has also played the cello for many years. Outside of school, he does swimming and plays League of Legends.

Grace Tan, Event Performer
Grace Tan is currently a sophomore at Monta Vista High School and has been a member of GYP for two years now. She has been playing piano for 8 years now and is thrilled to be able to use her skills to benefit the less fortunate. In her free time, Grace enjoys playing tennis with her friends, listening to music, and reading.

Helena Feng, Event Performer
Helena Feng is a junior attending Los Gatos High School. She has been playing piano for over ten years, and this is her fourth year in GYP. Outside of school, she enjoys baking, reading, and spending time with friends and family. Helena is excited to continue sharing her passion for music, as well as using it to help others in need.

Iris Wang, Event Performer
Iris is a freshman at Cupertino High School who has been learning piano for nine years. In her freetime, she can be found making a plethora of desserts or engaging in baking shows on Netflix. 2020 is her second year participating as a member in GYP, and she’s grateful to be able to support the students at AMI International School.

Ishan Saharoy, Event Performer
Ishan a senior at Lynbrook High School. He has been a member of GYP for three years and have been playing piano for over ten years. Outside of playing piano, he likes to play water polo, teach swim lessons at work, and hang out with his brother. I really enjoy helping people, in small and big ways, and GYP is one of the biggest ways he tries to help people outside of his personal life.

Pravin Agrawal-Chung, Event Performer
Pravin is a 9th grader at Monta Vista High School and has been playing piano for 8 years. Other than piano, he also plays the violin at school. He also likes to cook and hang out with friends. Since this is his first year at GYP, he hopes to make a difference for the orphans in Myanmar.

Sabrina Ning, Event Performer
Sabrina Ning is a sophomore at Lynbrook High School. She has been playing the piano for eleven years. Besides piano, she also enjoys playing the flute, dancing, and volunteering for different organizations. Despite the limitations this year, she is excited to have an opportunity to help the children in Guatemala as a third year member of GYP.

Sean Yang, Event Performer
Sean Yang is a senior at Monta Vista High School. He has participated in GYP for the past four years and has been on GYP trips to Nepal, Myanmar, and Guatemala. He has been playing the piano for over half his life. Outside of music, he loves photography and has a passion for technology. His favorite sports include running, swimming, and biking, though he has played baseball and water polo in the past.