Sending Love to Nepal

        Event background: 


After visiting Nepal last year, I was able to learn of the poverty of the developing country through my own eyes.

I visited an orphanage called First Love International Ministries, and I was able to see what their lives were like. Many of the orphans either lost their parents when they were very young, or simply don’t know where their parents are. They entertained themselves with ping-pong, basketball, soccer, and little board games. There were children playing guitar, and one of the guitars was missing a string. Children also had to focus on schoolwork, but they lacked computers and internet.

Upon returning from Nepal, I thought I could make a difference by fundraising for the orphanage. I gathered some friends with similar interests and music talents, and with the plan of a musical concert. Through planning and working together, we have created “Sending Love to Nepal,” our first fundraising concert.

Myron Kwan

  Event: Fundraising Concert "Sending Love to Nepal"
  When: September 23, 2012 at  7PM
  Where: Center of Performing Arts, Recital Hall, Santa Clara University (at the corner of Lafayette and Franklin)
  Address 500 El Camino Real, Santa Clara, 95035-0341


1st row from the left:  Claire, Samantha, Brandon, Eric, George
                    2nd row from the left:  Nicole, Carolyn, Jonathan, Myron, Brian, Jeffrey

                          Event outcome:  A completely sold-out concert that raised $7,825 while incurring cost of $2,456.00, which yielded a net amount of $5,369.00.

                          Money was sent to The First International Ministries and their acknowledgement is shown here.

  Profiles of Team Members

  Claire Chang (Event performer)
Claire is a student at Lawson Middle School. She has played the piano for six years and was a 2011 US Open Competition winner. Besides music, Claire loves to read books, watch movies, eat food, etc. She also likes playing sports; she was/is on the Cross Country team, Track & Field team, and Basketball team (which won 2nd place in their entire league). She also loves playing volleyball and hanging out with friends. Her dislikes include soccer, peppers, and hot cheetos.

Jeffrey Chang (Event performer)
Jeffrey is a very enthusiastic musician, Jeffrey Chang started his musical training when he at a very young age. His primary instrument is the French Horn, which has won him numerous awards. Jeffrey also enjoys composing music. His composition "A Trail in the Alps" earned him the highest rating at the 2012 CMEA Solo and Ensemble Festival. Jeffrey has always been looking for a way to explore the world of music. After spending this much time studying music, he is very grateful to use his music to help orphans in Nepal.

Carolyn Hsieh (Event performer)
Carolyn is a junior at Los Gatos High School and a part of the school's Wind Ensemble. She has been playing the flute for over six years and has auditioned into various ensembles such as Northern California Honor Band and Santa Clara County Honor Band. Carolyn is currently a member of the El Camino Youth Symphony's Sinfonietta Orchestra. Aside from playing music, she swims year-round and is a member of her school's varsity and CCS team. Carolyn is grateful for the opportunity to participate in this benefit concert.

Michelle Fang (Event performer)
Michelle attends a middle school in Cupertino.  She started playing piano when at the age of five. She has also played clarinet for 3 years. Besides studying, she loves listening to music, playing sports, and reading books.  She also loves helping others.

Eric Huang (Event performer)
Eric is fanatical with iPad and modifying Nerf Guns. Having a strong enthusiasm and keen mind on math, Eric is amazed by the beauty of math and excited about challenging math problems. He is Math League Elementary California State Champion of 2012. Playing piano has become an indispensable part of his life since he was six. He has been a yearly winner of US open Music Competition since 2008. Eric is proudly to be a part of GYP, and could send his love to Nepal through his music.

Myron Kwan (Chair, Event Performer)
Myron is a 12th grader in Cupertino High School and playing guitar has been his hobby for many years. Apart from guitar, he is also  a member of Cupertino High Varsity Tennis Team. He has visited Nepal and the orphanage and he was exposed to the conditions that many of the local children live in.  Upon return he has determined to help them by initiating this fund raising event.

Jonathan Lee (Co-Chair, Event Performer)
Jonathan is senior at The King's Academy High School, Jonathan has been taking piano for over ten years. Although he has not been to Nepal himself, Jonathan was touched by Myron's account of the country and its people.  Outside of school, he has a passion for the “sport” of competitive abacus or mental math, competing in both national and international events. In his spare time, Jonathan enjoys exploring technology and playing and listening to music of all genres.  

Nicole Phoa (Graphics Design, Event Performer)
Nicole Phoa is a sophomore attending Homestead High School. She has been playing piano for 10 years now and sings in the Homestead choir. Nicole has won numerous art contest awards in the past, and she is the one who designed the GYP logo. In addition, she and a team of teenagers created an animation that will be showcased later this fall.

Brian Song (Marketing, Event Performer)
Brian is a 10th grader at Cupertino High School and he plays the piano. He also plays flute in the Cupertino marching band. Some of his hobbies are reading, playing video games, and chatting with his friends. He loves math and science and hope to major in engineering someday

Brandon Tran (Composer, Event Performer)
Brandon first started piano when he was five years old, and has been playing ever since. He is in the 11th grade and currently goes to Archbishop Mitty High School where has mainly focused on music as his extracurricular activities. Other than piano, he is currently the vocalist/keyboardist of his band. He wishes for you to enjoy the concert.

Samantha Tseng (Graphics Design, Event Performer)
Samantha is a senior at Lynbrook High. Though very busy with academics, Samantha partakes in many clubs and activities outside of school. She has worked with various charity organizations in the past, and helping those in need has become somewhat of an affection of hers. She has also attended Crystal Children's Choir for over 10 years and has played cello since middle school, among various other instruments. Being able to combine helping others with music to produce this charity concert was something she just could not pass up.

George Wang (Event performer)
George attends Kennedy Middle School.  He lives with his parents, sister, and grandmother in Cupertino.  George plays piano and is currently at level 10.  He also enjoys playing saxophone and swimming in his free time.