Sending Love to Myanmar

        Event background: 

Growing up in the US, I always had everything I needed, and a lot that I didn’t need. I never had to experience any hardships or struggle just to survive. As a member of the Tzu Chi charity organization, I’ve watched countless documentaries of the living conditions in Third World countries: women and men forced to drink dirty water, children swimming across a lake daily just to go to school, the lack of electricity and proper housing. These lessons taught me to appreciate my life and how fortunate I am, and in turn, sparked a desire to improve these people’s lives.

I’ve seen the unhappy faces of people living in these countries everywhere, and they never fail to evoke my empathy. These children need our help, even though they may be only a few out of millions. Too often the value of life is downplayed in numerical figures, and the life of a single individual becomes meaningless. Human lives are precious, every single one of them. Although our fundraising concert will only fund the building of proper walls for one orphanage out of hundreds, we have helped the precious lives living inside. And just the knowledge of that makes me happy.
Nicole Phoa
Event Chair
  Event: Fundraising Concert "Sending Love to Myanmar
  When: Oct 27, 2013 at  7PM
  Where: Center of Performing Arts, Recital Hall, Santa Clara University (at the corner of Lafayette and Franklin)
  Address 500 El Camino Real, Santa Clara, 95035-0341
  Event Outcome:  A complelely sold-out concert that raised $8,738 while incurring cost of $1,338, which yielded a net amount of $7,400.

This amount has been sent to Grace Children Home in Yangon, Myanmar to build a new facility in stages..
                                                       New facility progress report


  Back Row: Claren, Yu-Bin, George, Brandon, Matthew
Front Row: Claire, Janae, Francessca, Eric, Kevin, Nicole, Jeffrey

  Profiles of Team Members
Claire Chang (Event Performer)
Claire, a student at Lawson Middle School, has played the piano for six years. Besides playing piano, Claire enjoys playing volleyball, reading, and watching movies. She is very grateful for the opportunity to help orphanages in Myanmar. 

Jeffrey Chang (Chair, Event Performer)
Jeffrey is a very enthusiastic musician who started his musical training at a very young age. He plays piano, viola, and French horn, but his primary instrument is the French Horn. Jeffrey is principal horn in California Youth Symphony, and has been invited to play at the All-State Honor Band for past four years. Apart from music, Jeffrey also enjoys linguistics and biology. He is very grateful to be able to help orphans in Myanmar.

Francesca Chu (Event Performer)
Kevin is a 7th grader at Egan Junior High School. He has Francesca is a 7th grade student in Redwood Middle School in Saratoga, California. Her music training in piano started at the age of five. Her tenacity in learning piano had won her multiple awards in US Open Competitions over the years. She is also a growing clarinet player in the Redwood Griffin Band and Marching Band, and an aspiring dancer at Dance Academy USA. She hopes music and arts can help people at different parts of the world connect better.

Claren Dai (Event Performer)
Claren is a 7th grader at Sunnyvale Middle School and is 12 years old. She has played the piano for about 5 and a half years since she was 6. She loves to draw, dance and play volleyball. She has a very strong interest in art so she wishes to have a future career in designing, like an architect. This is her first year at GYP and is looking forward to helping the orphans in Myanmar.

Kevin Gao (Event Performer)
Kevin is a 7th grader at Egan Junior High School. He has been playing piano for 6 years. Apart from piano, he enjoys reading books, playing chess and watching Sharks games during his free time. He also likes playing many sports, like basketball and swimming on weekly basis. He loves math and has a high passion on computer programming, and hopes to be a computer scientists in his future career.

Eric Huang (Event Performer)
Eric is a 7th grader at Kennedy Middle School. Having a strong enthusiasm and keen mind on math, Eric is amazed by the beauty of math. He was the 6th grade MathCounts NorCal Champion. Playing piano has become an indispensable part of his life since he was six. He has been a yearly winner of USOMC since 2008. Eric is proudly to be a part of GYP, and would love to send his love to Myanmar through his music.

Yu-Bin Moon (Event Performer)                                
Bin is a sophomore attending Wilcox High School.  Having played the violin for five years now, she has participated in her school's orchestra to win a unanimous superior in the CMEA music festival 2012, is a first violinist of the SVKS ensemble, and enjoys teaching children how to play the violin on the side. Apart from being a musician, she enjoys creative writing and sports.  Yu-Bin looks forward to helping orphans in Myanmar and opening the audience's mind to how they can help as well.

Nicole Phoa (Chair, Event Performer)                                
Nicole is a junior at Homestead High School and has been playing piano for 11 years, starting at the age of 5. Nicole also sings in the Homestead Chamber Choir and takes vocal lessons outside of school. She designed the GYP logo and the T-shirt designs of this and the previous year. Although she has never visited Myanmar, Nicole is determined to fundraise money to help the orphanage there and hopes to make a difference in the children’s lives.

Brandon Tran (Event Performer)                                
Brandon first started piano when he was five years old, and has been playing ever since. He is in the 12th grade and currently goes to Archbishop Mitty High School where he has mainly focused on music as his extracurricular activities. Other than piano, he is currently the vocalist/keyboardist of his band. He wishes for you to enjoy the concert.

George Wang (Event Performer)                                
George is a freshman at Saratoga High School and a piano player for eight years.  He is a saxophone player in his school's excellent marching band and music program.  When he is not playing music, George enjoys reading, biking, and problem solving. This is his second time participating in GYP.  He is very excited to be a part of another philanthropic event and to send his love to less fortunate children around the world.

Janae Zhang (Event Performer)                                
Janae is a 9th grader at Monta Vista High. She has been playing piano since she was seven, and has recently passed level 9. When she's not attending her numerous extracurricular classes, Janae likes to upcycle old clothing and blog about Doctor Who and Harry Potter on Tumblr. Janae really wishes that she was fictional and could go on awesome adventures with her favorite characters, but since that's not going to happen, she searches online for free sheet music to her favorite TV and movie scores instead.

Choir singers:

Angela Milo, Andrew Lin, Yee Chen, Evelyn Pang, Amelia Chen, Selena Yang, Esther Kim, Carlin Wong, Alen Wong, Cindy Zhou, Marina Yu and Alan Yu

Conductor:Jonne Cheah